So many individuals today commit to stringent diet and exercise routines in an attempt to lose weight and perfect their physique only to discover that they still can’t lose that stubborn fat around their abdomens and in other obvious places. While they can build muscle on their own, they still can’t reveal it due to seemingly workout-resistant fat. Consequently, they have less than outstanding results. These individuals are not to blame, however; they haven’t done anything wrong or skipped any important steps on their way to feeling and looking great.

Biology plays a major role in our bodies ability — or inability — to shed fat. Certain fat in our bodies simply won’t respond to our healthy, new lifestyles and that’s due to the nature of the fat itself; it’s not something we can change through willpower. Fortunately, though, you don’t have to settle for subpar results. Men and women today can benefit from CoolSculpting, an FDA-approved method that can eliminate this unwanted fat permanently, without surgery, discomfort or downtime. That’s what makes CoolSculpting such a popular procedure and one that is consistently in very high demand.

CoolSculpting produces permanent and visible results that reveal the work you’ve done to improve your body, allowing you to obtain the full benefit of all your healthy choices. You can further enhance your results by selecting a qualified and experienced doctor to perform your treatment — one who can tailor your procedure to your specific needs and goals — a doctor like Jeff Birchall MD at Dermacare. When your doctor takes the time to understand the look you want to achieve, you will have a much higher chance of leaving treatment looking precisely how you want to look and enjoying your results for life. Let’s learn more about the many benefits of CoolSculpting now.

Can CoolSculpting really permanently eliminate fat?

Yes, CoolSculpting really offers permanent fat reduction. CoolSculpting uses a technique called cryolipolysis, which was discovered and verified by a Harvard scientist. The researcher noticed that fat cells freeze at different, higher, temperatures than adjacent skin cells. When these fat cells freeze, they will also die, while leaving other cells subjected to the same temperatures unaffected. Your body will pass these dead fat cells, never replacing them. The results of this discovery are more than just a novelty; they are the basis for safe, effective and long-lasting fat reduction through CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting allows your doctor to apply this principle to your body, controlling the cooling applied to your body for enhanced safety and allowing your doctor to target the areas you want to treat most — accurately and precisely. The results of a CoolSculpting treatment performed by a trained professional is a chiseled and toned looking physique that genuinely reflects your lifestyle choices and your desired aesthetic. It will take a few weeks for your body to pass the fat cells treated by CoolSculpting; however, once your body has fully processed them, you will see substantial fat reduction — that is permanent.

The results of CoolSculpting go deeper than that of alternative treatments, including those of your workouts. Workouts reduce the size of fat cells without destroying or eliminating them. As a result, you can easily gain back the weight you’ve lost in the future. By contrast, CoolSculpting eliminates these fat cells for good, making the treatment a superior addition to your healthy lifestyle. CoolSculpting supplements but does not replace your healthy efforts, though. You can still gain weight — in areas not treated by CoolSculpting — so stick with your healthy body routines.

CoolSculpting is not only an effective procedure to have but also a very comfortable one. The CoolSculpting handset carefully delivers controlled cooling to the skin between the temperatures of 23 and 41 degrees — the equivalent of a very chilly day — gently suctioning the skin to ensure accurate and comprehensive treatment. CoolSculpting is also designed with additional safety features to ensure the device and your treated area always remain within effective and safe temperature ranges, so you never have to worry about adverse side effects. While CoolSculpting kills targeted fat cells immediately, you will need to wait for your body to complete the elimination process to enjoy your full results, which only takes a few short weeks.

Where can I have CoolSculpting on my body?

One of the best features of CoolSculpting is its versatility. You can have CoolSculpting on multiple body areas during the same treatment session, including the ones that trouble you most and prevent you from having the toned body results you deserve. Our patients routinely have CoolSculpting in the following regions:

Do I qualify for a CoolSculpting treatment?

Most individuals interested in CoolSculpting will qualify for the treatment; however, they should remember that CoolSculpting is a body-sculpting and not a weight-loss solution. Candidates for CoolSculpting should have already achieved a weight that is close to the ideal for their height and frame before having a CoolSculpting treatment. CoolSculpting is intended to treat the troublesome fat that remains after you have made your best efforts to reach a healthy weight. Also, maintaining your healthy lifestyle is a requirement of CoolSculpting. If you should gain a substantial amount of weight in the future, it won’t compromise CoolSculpting treated areas, but it will affect other body locations and impair your overall results. It’s important for clients to stay healthy for best results.

What To Expect During Your CoolSculpting Consultation

A thorough consultation before treatment gives prospective patients the greatest likelihood of achieving their ultimate body goals. Your doctor will oversee every aspect of your procedure so it is crucial that he understand your needs and goals and agree with your body contouring plan. Your CoolSculpting partner, Dr. Jeff Birchall, will recommend the best approach after fully assessing your body and listening to your specific concerns. You will leave your consultation with a full and complete treatment plan that outlines the areas which will be treated to realize your goals and the number of sessions you will need to get your full benefits.

What Will Happen During Your CoolSculpting Treatment

CoolSculpting is a very comfortable treatment that is non-invasive, produces virtually no discomfort and has no downtime. After you have come into the Dermacare offices and are comfortable in the treatment room, our CoolSculpting certified technicians will use one or even more CoolSculpting handsets over your pre-designated treatment areas. The handset is gently held and moved over your skin to reach problem areas. Light suction will draw your skin into the device for maximum penetration, evenness and effectiveness. Our patients spend their sessions doing any number of relaxing activities, including reading, listening to music, watching a show on their smart-device or simply resting. A 30-minute CoolSculpting session passes quickly and you can then return to your normal daily activities comfortably and without hassle. CoolSculpting is without a doubt a true “lunchtime treatment.”

How will I feel after my CoolSculpting treatment?

CoolSculpting has no recovery, however, you notice your treated areas will look and feel different, temporarily, after your CoolSculpting session. For example, you may notice some mild swelling, redness, stiffness and numbness where your skin has received targeted cooling. All of these side effects fade quickly within the next day or two and they never prevent patients from doing everything they did before treatment, including strenuous physical activities and sports. Coolsculpting delivers consistent, high-quality results without limitations.

What results can CoolSculpting produce?

Individuals demand CoolSculpting treatments because of the outstanding results it delivers. You will quickly notice reduced fat in areas where you have had CoolSculpting and these results are permanent. Treated fat cells will never return. Of course, the benefit of eliminating fat is two-fold; you will look slimmer and also fully reveal the hard work you’ve done at the gym or outdoors to look more chiseled and fit. Once your body has passed your treated fat cells (a natural process formally known as apoptosis) you can enjoy visible, substantial and long-lasting results. One of the greatest benefits of treatments is that, unlike other procedures, no one will ever know you’ve visited a doctor to get your results; there is virtually no evidence to reveal you have had a CoolSculpting treatment.

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*Disclaimer – Individual results may vary

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*Disclaimer – Individual results may vary.

Some patients experience up to a 25 percent reduction in fat in treated areas in a single treatment — fat that will never return. Final results vary by individual but everyone who has a CoolSculpting treatment will enjoy unmistakeable benefits, often in as little as three to four weeks. These advantages include a reduced waistline for those who have CoolSculpting in their abdominals with a slimmer profile and greater tone in all treated areas. You will need to have a full course of treatment to obtain your results, though; six to eight CoolSculpting sessions are recommended for maximum rejuvenation, but Dr. Birchall will specify the precise number of treatments you will need after your consultation.

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Beyond being a CoolSculpting certified practice, Dermacare offers significant advantages to our patients in and around San Diego and Carlsbad. Few doctors understand the importance of personalized care as much as Dr. Jeff Birchall. His compassionate emphasis on his patients comes from his years as a family practitioner and has guided his overall approach to the practice of medicine. Those seeking cosmetic procedures from Dr. Birchall directly benefit from this stance, which separates him from the many other doctors offering similar procedures. For Dr. Birchall, patient wellbeing is truly the benchmark by which he and his patients measure a successful procedure.

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*Disclaimer – Individual results may vary.

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