kybella san diegoKybella® is an FDA-approved, nonsurgical injectable treatment to minimize the appearance of submental fat beneath the chin, commonly referred to as the “double chin.” This area of fat may be difficult to target with diet and exercise alone, and it can often become more pronounced due to the natural aging process.*

Who Is It For?

If you are bothered by excess chin fat, you are not alone. A recent study shows that more than 67% of people are bothered by the subcutaneous fat beneath their chin, and it is often an undertreated area. If you are interested in improving your body contour but are nervous about surgical options, Kybella® is a generally safe and effective treatment with typically minimal downtime and no surgery.*

How Does It Work?

Kybella® is a series of injections that specifically targets the fat cells beneath your chin, without harming the surrounding cells. Once treated, the fat cells are destroyed and leave your body through natural processes. Treatment usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes, so the procedure can easily be completed during a lunch hour.* The number of injections required depends on the size of the treatment area and your desired results. While some patients require more or less treatments and individual results may vary, the average patient experiences optimal results following two to four treatments, with each treatment recommended approximately one month apart from the last treatment.*

What Results Can I Expect?

Individual results vary, but most patients notice visible results within four to twelve weeks.* Following treatment, some patients can experience minimal swelling, numbness, and redness at the treatment area, which generally subsides quickly.* Patients are able to immediately resume normal activities. Results are typically long-lasting.*

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*Disclaimer – Individual results may vary.

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