hand rejuvenation san diegoWhile the focus of anti-aging treatments is often the face, the hands are actually one of the first areas to belie the passing of time. As skin loses elasticity, the skin on the back of the hand can thin, allowing veins and tendons to protrude even more prominently. Natural hand renewal can be an effective way of reversing that trend by filling in the thinning areas and restoring youthful fullness to the hands.

What is Natural Hand Renewal?

Natural hand renewal is performed via fat transfer, a multi-step procedure that removes fat from one area of the body and transfers it to the back of the hands to add fullness and volume. The fat removal process sculpts and shapes an area of the body with stubborn fat that has not responded to diet and exercise. The harvested fat is then placed into the hands using strategically-placed injections, which provide the desired results without incisions or subsequent scarring.

Patients find hand renewal using fat transfer generally offers soft, natural results that can turn back the clock on the appearance of the hands. This procedure is performed at Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics on an outpatient basis, with minimal discomfort and recovery time.

Options in Hand Renewal

While dermal fillers can also be used for hand rejuvenation, fat transfer offers a number of benefits over these formulas. First, fat transfer uses your body’s own cells, creating a more natural appearance to the hand. Fat transfer is also generally a long-lasting solution for hand rejuvenation, while dermal fillers typically must be repeated every few months to maintain results.

Some patients may opt for dermal filler treatments first to see what their results will look like. If they decide they like the effects of the dermal fillers, they may want to proceed with the more permanent option of fat transfer. Dr. Birchall and our staff at Dermacare Laser & Skin Care will discuss your concerns and aesthetic goals with you to help you determine the best procedure for your specific situation.

Benefits of Natural Hand Renewal

There are many good reasons to consider natural hand renewal:

  • Body sculpting benefits in a problem area like the abdomen or hips
  • Injections into the hands are relatively painless and leave no telltale signs behind
  • Patients do not receive general anesthesia for any part of the procedure
  • Risks associated with natural hand renewal are lower than with surgical procedures
  • Procedure is minimally invasive and features a relatively short recovery time

The key to a successful hand renewal procedure is to have sufficient fat in another area that can be harvested for the injections. Fortunately, hand enhancement does not require as much fat as augmentation of the breasts and buttocks. This means that patients that may not qualify for other types of fat transfer procedures can often have hand renewal with smaller available fat deposits.

Step One: Fat Removal

Fat removal is performed via a newer liposuction technique known as laser-assisted lipolysis. The procedure uses laser energy, delivered directly into the fat deposit, to liquefy fat cells for easier removal from the body. The same cannula that delivers the laser energy suctions the fat cells away, reducing the invasiveness of the procedure and minimizing trauma to surrounding tissue.

Dr. Birchall uses local anesthesia for nearly all of his liposuction procedures. The incisions used to insert the cannula are very small, so they don’t need any suturing afterward in most cases. In addition, the incisions leave little or no visible scarring afterward, so you enjoy a leaner, smoother contour without worry over hiding scars under clothing.

Step Two: Fat Harvesting

Fat that is removed must be prepared for the injection process. This is done by placing the cells into a centrifuge so that they can be cleaned and purified. After purification, the harvested fat is ready to be placed into syringes for the enhancement process.

Step Three: Fat Injections

Once the fat is ready, it can be injected into the backs of the hands to add volume and create fullness. The injection process is very similar to what is done using dermal fillers. The difference is that we are injecting the patient’s own cells back into the body, which offers the most natural results available today. In addition, fat injections tend to be a permanent solution to aging hands.

You may think Dr. Birchall overdid the injections when you first see your hands after treatment. However, it is important to inject a bit more fat than needed, since some of the fat will be reabsorbed by the body shortly after the procedure. Within a few weeks, the fat will settle into your hands and you can enjoy subtle, natural results.

Natural hand renewal is a safe and effective way to restore youthful beauty to the hands. Without general anesthesia, sutures or downtime, you enjoy dramatic, long-lasting results with minimal discomfort and recovery time involved. To learn more about this procedure, contact Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics today at 760-547-7866 or 858-257- 1355.

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