dermal fillers san diegoDermal fillers allow you to add fullness and definition to areas of the face that have lost volume due to weight loss or the aging process. This can be accomplished with synthetic dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restylane. It can also be performed with your body’s own fat cells, which offers natural, permanent results preferred by many patients over synthetic traditional dermal fillers. Each of these treatments offers its own set of pros and cons and the staff at Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics is ready to discuss your own concerns and aesthetic goals to help you select the best treatment option for you.

What Is Natural Dermal Filling?

Natural dermal filling is a process that involves removing excess fat from one area of the body and placing it into the areas of the face in need of volume and anti-aging treatment. This allows for sculpting of a problem area of the body that has not responded to your diet and exercise efforts. The fact is removed and prepared for injection into the face, just like any other dermal filler treatment. This procedure can be used to enhance the following areas:

  • Cheeks
  • Chin and jawline
  • Lips
  • Under the eyes

In addition to restoring youthful volume, natural dermal filling can be used to smooth away wrinkles that tend to form around the nose, mouth and chin. The procedure can even reverse early signs of skin laxity, such as the initial formation of jowls along the jawline or sagging in the midface area.

Options in Dermal Fillers

In addition to fat transfer, Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics offers the following options in synthetic dermal fillers:

  • Bellafill – a smooth collagen gel that lifts and restores facial volume, also used to correct acne scarring
  • Belotero – a hyaluronic acid filler to improve the appearance of fine lines on the face and especially around the lips
  • Juvederm – a smooth hyaluronic gel formation used for volume loss and smoothing away fine lines and facial creases
  • Restylane – another option in a hyaluronic gel filler that can reduce the appearance of deeper creases as well as fine lines that appear between the nose and upper lip
  • Radiesse – contains calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres that work particularly well in softening deeper creases or restoring a youthful appearance to the hands
  • Sculptra – created from poly-L- lactic acid, this filler works to restore youthful volume over time with long-lasting results

We can recommend the best dermal filler for you based on the specific concerns you wish to treat and the results you are hoping for. In manysome cases, a combination of dermal fillers may produce the best possible outcome.

Benefits of Natural Dermal Filling

While synthetic traditional dermal fillers certainly have their place among cosmetic treatments today, there are benefits natural dermal filling offers that synthetic other formulations cannot, including:

  • Double benefit of body sculpting in addition to facial enhancement
  • Multi-step procedure can be performed in a single treatment session in our office
  • Procedure is done without general anesthesia and involves a relatively short recovery
  • Results from fat transfer are usually permanent, while other filler treatments must be repeated
  • Results typically look very natural, since the patient’s own cells are used

The key to successful facial enhancement using fat transfer is ensuring there is sufficient fat in one area of the body to transfer to the face. Since areas of the face will not require a huge amount of fat cells to achieve the desired results, this is typically not a problem for most patients.

Step One: Fat Removal

Your fat transfer begins with removal of unwanted fat from an area of the body like the hips, thighs or abdomen. Dr. Birchall removes this fat using an innovative liposuction technique known as laser-assisted lipolysis. The treatment is performed using local anesthesia and micro- incisions that allow for insertion of a small cannula into the fat deposit.

The cannula delivers the laser energy first, which heats and liquefies the fat cells. The cells are then suctioned out of the body to be used for the enhancement portion of the procedure. The incisions are typically too small to require sutures; a bandage is generally all that is needed.

Step Two: Fat Harvesting

The fat that is removed needs to be purified before it can be injected back into the body. This is a relatively straightforward process that involves placing the cells into centrifuge. After the purification process, cells are put into a syringe so they can be injected into the areas of the face in need of enhancement.

Step Three: Fat Injections

Fat injections are performed in a very similar fashion to other dermal filler treatments. Dr. Birchall is experienced in this procedure, so he knows precisely where to place the injections for maximum impact and the most natural results. You should feel very little discomfort during this part of the procedure, although some patients may request topical numbing cream for sensitive areas like the lips.

After the fat transfer process is completed, you will see your results almost right away. Those results will continue indefinitely, with some patients enjoying permanent enhancement from their fat injections. The results of the liposuction procedure will also be permanent as long as you maintain a healthy weight after the procedure.

With many options in anti-aging treatments today, you can select the procedure that will meet your specific needs best. For many of our patients, fat transfer or natural dermal filling is that procedure. To learn more, contact Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics at 760-547-7866 or 858-257- 1355.

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