DC Lifestyle is Dermacare’s weight loss and lifestyle coaching service. We offer diet counseling and support to patients that want to shed the extra pounds and achieve a healthier way of life overall. With a combination of nutrition, exercise, sleep and other healthy habits, we hope that we can help you attain a level of optimal health at any age or stage of life. As with any diet plan, individual results may vary.* We recommend scheduling a complimentary consultation with our team to determine if the DC Lifestyle can help you meet your weight loss goals.*

Take Shape for Life®

Dr. Birchall is a firm believer in the Take Shape for Life® program because it helped him turn his own life around. As a family physician, Dr. Birchall would counsel his patients on proper diet and exercise, even though he was overweight himself. As he began to realize the toll the additional pounds were taking on his quality of life, Dr. Birchall made the decision to find a weight loss program that worked for both the short term and the long haul.

After the Take Shape for Life® program helped Dr. Birchall drop 40 pounds (individual results may vary) and keep the weight off, he became an advocate and coach for others looking for a healthier, higher quality of life. The Take Shape for Life® program can help you achieve your own unique weight loss goals by breaking the program down into three basic components:*


Take Shape for Life® uses the Medifast® diet plans, because they have been clinically proven to work and they help maintain your goal weight once it has been reached. The program works under basic weight loss principles: balanced nutrition, portion control, 24 essential vitamins and minerals, and a low glycemic index. The program is also easy to follow and Dr. Birchall was able to lose 40 pounds in just two months with “amazing ease.” Of course, individual results may vary, especially since all of us have a different amount of weight we want to lose.*

Personal Health Coach

Personal health coaches for the Take Shape for Life® program are actually weight loss counselors that have been through the weight loss process themselves. According to the Take Shape for Life® website, research has shown that a personal coach is a key component to a safe and successful weight loss program. Health coaches are available to provide the precise amount of support you need – no more, no less.*

Habits of Health

Take Shape for Life® also utilizes the principles in “The Habits of Health,” a best-selling book by Dr. Wayne Anderson. This book covers simple daily habits that are relatively easy to incorporate into your life, such as eating healthy fish two to three times per week and feeding your body every three hours. Through Dermacare’s DC Lifestyle program, we offer monthly events featuring different principles from “The Habits of Health” to help our patients make healthier lifestyle choices.*

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Weight loss is just the beginning. To maintain a healthy weight once you have finally reached your weight loss goals involves the development of healthy habits that you can adhere to throughout life. To learn more about our DC Lifestyle program and determine if it is a good fit for you, contact our office in Rancho Bernardo at 858-257-1355 or in Carlsbad at 760-547-7866.

*Disclaimer – Individual results may vary.

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