butt implants san diegoNatural buttock augmentation is a procedure that uses your own fat cells to add fullness to the backside. Also referred to as a Brazilian butt lift, this procedure offers the dual benefit of smoothing the contours in one area of the body, while creating additional curves in the buttocks. The procedure has become a popular way to sculpt multiple areas of the body with less downtime than traditional buttock augmentation using synthetic implants.

What is Natural Buttock Augmentation?

Natural buttock augmentation is a multi-step procedure that can be performed in a single outpatient session at Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics. First, isolated deposits of fat are removed from one area of the body, creating a smoother, leaner profile in that treatment area. The fat cells are then purified and prepared for the augmentation portion of the procedure. Augmentation is performed via a series of injections strategically placed around the buttock area to produce a smooth and balanced appearance to the backside.

In addition to adding fullness to the buttocks, this procedure effectively lifts buttocks that have begun to sag due to age or weight fluctuations. Treatment can also address asymmetries between the buttocks to create balance and proportion. Many patients find natural buttock augmentation offers softer, subtler results than procedures using implants, without sacrificing the long-lasting results they are after.

Benefits of Natural Buttock Augmentation

There are a number of potential advantages to the natural buttock augmentation procedure:

  • Body contouring in an area where stubborn pockets of fat have lingered
  • The ability to enhance the size and fullness of the buttocks without surgery
  • Injections used for augmentation require no anesthesia and leave no residual scarring
  • Lower risks than with traditional augmentation using synthetic implants
  • Procedure is minimally invasive and features a shorter recovery period

The single procedure can be performed in our office in just a few hours of time. Most patients are able to return to activities within about one week, although some restrictions on activities may be longer than that.

Step One: Fat Removal

Dr. Birchall performs the fat removal process using a revolutionary liposuction technique known as laser-assisted lipolysis. This procedure combines traditional liposuction with laser energy to create a procedure that is considerably less invasive. The laser energy is delivered directly into the area of fat, where it liquefies fat cells so they can be removed from the body more readily. Because there is less collateral damage of surrounding tissue, patients enjoy greater comfort and less downtime after this procedure.

Laser-assisted liposuction can be used on nearly any area of the body where deposits of fat have settled and have not responded to your diet and exercise efforts. Common treatment areas during fat transfer procedures include:

  • Abdomen
  • Hips and flanks
  • Upper and Lower back
  • Inner and outer thighs

When the contouring is performed near the buttocks, it only serves to further enhance your new curves. In addition, you can request laser-assisted liposuction at a different treatment session to add definition to the jawline, smooth the neck or eliminate the appearance of “bat wings” under the upper arms.

Dr. Birchall performs laser-assisted lipolysis using local anesthesia in most cases. A narrow tube called a cannula is inserted into the fat deposit via a tiny incision that will not require sutures or leave any visible scarring behind. The cannula produces the laser energy that heats and liquefies the fat cells before they are suctioned away using the same device. Most patients find the liposuction process to be relatively comfortable both during and after treatment.

Step Two: Fat Harvesting

Removed fat cells are then placed into a special machine so that they can be purified and prepared for injection back into the body. This process does not take long and can be done as a part of the full fat transfer process in a single treatment session. The purified fat cells are then placed into syringes so that the fat can be injected through a fine needle.

Step Three: Fat Injection

The injections into the buttock area are placed in a variety of locations to ensure even and natural results. You will be able to see the fat take effect in your backside right away, but you may not be thrilled with the results at first. That is because Dr. Birchall must inject extra fat into the buttocks, knowing a portion of that fat will be reabsorbed by the body over the weeks following treatment. By over-injecting the area, he can ensure your final results will provide you with all the fullness you are looking for.

The most important part of the recovery process from natural buttock augmentation is ensuring the fat that is placed into the buttocks is not compromised in the early days after treatment. This means no sitting or lying on the backside for at least two weeks. Most patients are able to return to work at that time, as long as their jobs do not involve strenuous physical activity.

The results of natural buttock augmentation are permanent for most of our patients. Liposuction results are also permanent, as long as a healthy weight is maintained after treatment. To learn more about natural buttock augmentation or find out if you are a good candidate for this procedure, contact Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics at 760-547-7866 or 858-257- 1355.

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